logo.jpg (16194 byte) PIGNARA Bed & Breakfast
di Pirolo Vilma

Via Belvedere, 5
35030 Rovolon (Padova) - Italia

Tel./Fax: (+39)-049-5226261
e.mail: info@pignara.it


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Pignara is very easy to reach by motorway:
A4 (Milano-Venezia)
A13 (Padova-Bologna)

A4 from Milano exit Grisignano (17 km)
A4 from Venezia exit Padova Ovest (18 km)
A13 from Bologna exit Terme Euganee (20 km)

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How to get there

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View of Pignara

A large, rustic country house,
situated in the heart of the Euganean Hills,
nestled within a lush green landscape
and shrouded in the quiet of the countryside.

One wedding room and one double room...

...with ensuite bathroom,
furnished in the old-fashioned way

The double room

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The wedding room
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The wedding room

In the warm season
breakfast may be served in the garden...

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The garden

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The dining room

...and in winter in the rustic dining room.

You may sample some of our wines...

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The our wine

cantina.jpg (13170 byte)
The cellar
...own produceded...
...together with other products in season. uva.jpg (16360 byte)
Grapes from our very own vineyards

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The house is situated in the hills at an altitude of 150m
in a lovely small village of 800 inhabitants.
There are numerous typical restaurants
in the surrounding area,
all located within a most romantic and picturesque
setting known as "Belvedere".

You can enjoy all kinds of sports in the area:
tennis, horse-riding, golf
and go on wonderful guided nature walks
in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills.

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